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I think it's pretty kick ass.

Couples January 27, 2020

Nikki + Andy // Puppy + Couples Session in Chicago, Illinois

in home + city couples session in chicago with their puppy

Weddings January 21, 2020

Swanepoel // Emotional + Cultural Wedding // Illinois

cultural, international, emotional wedding at the Brix in Illinois

Couples January 6, 2020

Ali + Sam // Longboard Boho Couples Session // Madison, WI

Ali and Sam modeled for a mentor session and boy, did they DELIVER. As soon as we started shooting, Ali started dancing and didn't stop for the next hour. This girl brought SO much energy to the sess...

Couples December 11, 2019

Mel + Josh // Hawaii Couples Session // Adventure Lifestyle

Mel and Josh are the type of people where you meet, you start talking, and five minutes later you're talking about your most vulnerable hopes and dreams. Within 3 minutes of meeting these two, we wer...

Personal December 10, 2019

Anna Marie Photography // How I Became A Photographer

When I was little, I'd make my cousins be my models. For real. I would grab my bright green, brand new digital camera that my mom got me for my birthday and make them pose in the woods, in my room, o...

Couples December 9, 2019

Sarah + Derik // Hawaii Elopement // Oahu Adventure

Sarah and Derik have this kindness about them that immediately makes you want to know their whole life story. We hiked up to this location and while I was huffing and puffing, they were barefoot, hal...

Couples December 9, 2019

Kate + Mike // Madison Fall Couples Session

Kate and Mike have some of the BEST energy I've seen. As soon as we started the session, it was nonstop giggling, kissing and pushing each other around (which is perfect for a girl who loves movement...

Couples December 9, 2019

Claire + Jordan // Hawaii Elopement // Adventure Session

Claire and Jordan are two of the sweetest people I have ever met. As SOON as I met them in Hawaii, I knew this session was going to be unlike anything I've done before, and I was right. They INSTANTL...

Portraits November 25, 2019

Mikayla // A Girl and her Horses // Madison, Wisconsin

Mikayla kept telling me that she has wanted this session since she was 16. It was unlike anything I've done this far and oh my gosh, it was SO cool to see this girl in her element with her boys. She ...

Couples November 25, 2019

Paige + Bryce // Moody Nature Engagement Session // Horicon, Wisconsin

Paige and Bryce came into this session telling me they were awkward in front of a camera and ended up being two fo the most photogenic people I've ever photographed. But seriously, how cute are they?...

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